Numerical Skills & Pre-Algebra

Operations with Integers; Operations with Fractions; Operations with Decimals; Exponents & Scientific Notation; Square Roots & Irrational Numbers; Ratios & Proportions; Percentages; Sets; and Venn Diagrams


Variables; Algebraic Expressions; Evaluating Expressions; Properties of the Real Number System; Exponents & Radicals; Operations with Monomials & Polynomials; Solving & Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities in one Variable; Factoring; Operations with Rational Expressions; Solving & Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities in Two Variables; Solving & Graphing Quadratic Equations & Inequalities; Relations & Functions; Complex Numbers; and Exponential & Logarithmic Functions


Symbolic Logic; Definitions; Postulates; Proofs; Parallel & Perpendicular Lines; Congruency; Similarity; Quadrilaterals; Circles; Areas & Volumes; Coordinate Geometry; and Transformations


Right Triangle Trig; Trig Functions & Identities; Graphs of Trig Functions; Inverse Trig Functions; Trig Equations & Inequalities; Applications of Trig Functions; and Polar Coordinates


Domain; Range; Zeroes; Extrema; End Behavior; Asymptotes; Symmetry; Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions; Polynomial & Rational Inequalities; Remainder Theorem; Factor Theorem; Descartes' Rule of Signs; Rational Root Theorem; Fundamental Theorem of Algebra; Intermediate Value Theorem; Synthetic Division; Limits; and Continuity

Sequences & Series

Arithmetic Sequences & Series; Geometric Sequences & Series; and Binary & Power Sequences

Probability & Combinatorics

Permutations; Combinations; Probability; Types; Evaluating; Independent Events; Dependent Events; Outcome Sets; Counting & Probability Principles; Bernoulli Experiment; and Binomial Theorem


Sampling & Organizing Data; Measures of Central Tendency; Displaying Data; Sigma Notation; Measures of Dispersion and Variance; Standard Deviation; and Normal Distribution


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