Polynomial Functions

Division of Polynomials; Remainder Theorem; Factor Theorem; Descartes' Rule of Signs; Rational Root Theorem; Solving Polynomial Equations; Bounds on Zeroes; and Irrational Roots

Graphs of Polynomial Functions

Polynomial Functions & their Shapes; Domain & Range of a Polynomial Function; Graphing Polynomial Functions using Transformations; Finding Real Zeroes of a Polynomial Function & their Multiplicity; Relative Extrema; and End Behavior of a Polynomial Function

Graphs of Rational Functions

Definition of a Rational Function; Domain & Range of a Rational Function; Asymptotes; Finding the Intercepts of the Graph of a Rational Function; Symmetry; and Graphing Rational Functions

Limits & Continuity

Limits; Properties of Limits; Finding a Limit & Evaluating Limits; Asymptotes; Problem with Solving Applications; Continuity; and Intermediate Value Theorem

Differential Calculus

Techniques of Differentiation; Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions; Differentiating a Parametrized Curve; Higher Order Derivatives; and Derivatives & Logarithmic Functions

Integral Calculus

Properties of Definite Integrals; Evaluating a Definite Integral; Mean Value Theorem; Fundamental Theorem of Integral Calculus; Graphing an Integral Function; Techniques for Integration; Separable Differential Equations; Integration by Parts; Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Natural Exponential Functions; Hyperbolic Functions; Inverse Hyperbolic Functions; and Tabular Integration


Linear Motion; Areas & Volume; Arc Length; Surface of Revolution; Moments & Center of Mass; Compound Interest; Exponential Growth & Decay; Work; Fluid Force & Pressure; and Normal Probabilities


Sampling & Organizing Data; Measures of Central Tendency; Displaying Data; Sigma Notation; Measures of Dispersion & Variance; Standard Deviation; and Normal Distribution


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