Algebra I:

Numbers & Operations; Basics of Algebra; Solving Equations; Inequalities; Ratios & Proportions; The Real Numbers; Monomials & Laws for Exponents; Polynomials; Factoring; Rational Expressions; Linear Equations & Inequalities in Two Variables; and Word Problems

Algebra II:

Mathematical Systems; Complex & Imaginary Numbers; Functions; Quadratic Equations & Inequalities; Conic Sections; and Exponential & Logarithmic Functions


Symbolic Logic; Introduction to Euclidean Geometry; Reasoning; Parallel Lines; Angles & Polygons; Congruent Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Similarity; Trigonometry of the Right Triangle; Inequalities; Circles; Area & Volume; Coordinate Geometry & Coordinate Proofs; Locus; Transformational Geometry; and Constructions

Statistics I:

Measures of Central Tendency; Displaying Data; Sigma Notation; Measures of Dispersion; Variance; Standard Deviation; and Normal Distribution & Bell Curve


Use of Scientific Calculators; Right Triangle Trigonometry; Angles & Their Measures; Circular Functions; Trigonometric Identities & Equations; Graphs of Trigonometric Functions; Inverse Trigonometric Functions; Applications; Trigonometric Ratios of Any Angle; and Polar Coordinates


Polynomial Functions; Rational Functions; Polynomial & Rational Inequalities; Solving Polynomial Equations; Polar Coordinates; Polar Coordinates & the Complex Plane; Mathematical Induction; and Limits & Continuity

Probability and Combinatorics:

Permutations; Combinations; Types of Probability; Evaluating Probabilities; Probability of Mutually Exclusive or Inclusive Events; Outcome Sets; The Counting & Probability Principles; Probability of Independent & Dependent Events; Bernouilli Experiments; The Binomial Theorem; and Conditional Probability

Calculus I:

The Derivative; Methods of Differentiation; Graphs of Functions & Their Derivatives; Mean Value Theorem; Rolle’s Theorem; and Applications of the Derivative

Calculus II:

The Indefinite Integral; Riemamm Sums; The Definite Integral; Methods of Integration; Applications of the Definite Integral; and Improper Integrals

Sequences and Series:

Sigma Notation; Factorial Notation; Finite Sequences; Infinite Sequences; The Fibonacci Sequence; Arithmetic Series; Infinite Series; Maclaurin Series; and Taylor Series

Graph Theory:

Notation Basics; Types of Graphs; Creating Additional Graphs; Movement; Distance & Centrality; Characteristics of Graphs; Meshes & Hypercubes; and Directed Graphs & Multigraphs


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