American Digital University (ADU)

American Digital University Services (ADU Services) provides quality online supplemental courses. As a service provider with over a decade of experience, we serve higher education institutions as e-learning consultants and as e-learning content development partners. We also provide off-the-shelf courses in areas of internal strength—college mathematics, science and professional maritime studies.

Experiential Learning Model

ADU Services’ e-learning supplemental courses have been developed and designed with David Kolb’s experiential learning theory in mind.

Experiential Learning Model

Areas from the experiential learning theory that we draw from is built around students being able to watch or listen to a relevant and engaging kick-off session; students being able to critically self-examine an e-book; students being able to reflect and internalize the knowledge they have gained through the use of lesson quizzes, assignments or virtual lab experimentations (when available); students being able to learn in ways that are meaningful to them, that is, where their experiences are today with respect to what they are learning; and students being able to validate their own learning through summative assessments that are instantly responsive. All of these experiences for the students are to take place in a cyclical manner with multiple entry-points always being available.

Our e-learning services also encourage peer/educator collaboration through the use of video or electronic communication. And because we believe in a "blended" form of learning and a "flipped class" concept, a face-to-face component will always be essential.

In creating the best experience possible for educators and students, we are always mindful of the varying needs institutions have and are committed to consulting with them to understand how we can best support them.